Possible Google Pixel Watch seen in renders

YouTuber Jon Prosser has shown images of the possible Google Pixel Watch. This would be the first smartwatch to be released by Google.

Now Jon Prosser is not entirely impeccable when it comes to these kinds of leaks. So we are still hesitant to call this true but in the past he has sometimes been right so we will not ignore this report entirely. That would be a shame because the Pixel Watch (codename Rohan) as seen below looks very nice.

Google opts for a round screen with a digital crown on the side just like Apple. The strap seems to go directly into the round housing, in this the Pixel Watch differs from, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2. You also notice that the watch is very thin. We wonder to what extent the renders correspond to the actual product.

Custom chipset

Google might want to use its own chipset for its Pixel Watch. Rumours that Google is working on this have been circulating recently. The Pixel phones should also eventually use their own chipsets, possibly in combination with chips from Qualcomm.

Announcement Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch is not expected anytime soon. If it comes at all it will be sometime in late 2021. The entire industry is currently suffering from a computer chip shortage. And Google is not immune to this. By the way, there has been talk of a Pixel Watch since 2018. All the more reason to sit back, wait and see what happens.

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