Entry-level Motorola Moto E7 with 48MP camera announced

Lenovo has announced the Motorola Moto E7. The E7 Plus already existed but so far the regular E7 was missing. It should soon be in shops for an attractive low price.

The Moto E7 promises to be a budget phone with a 48MP camera. Like the E7 Plus it has a 6.5 inch Max Vision HD+ screen but the battery is now 4000 mAh instead of 5000.

Motorola Moto E7
The new Moto E7

Motorola uses an unspecified octa-core processor of up to 2.0 GHz. In most cases this will be sufficient to run Android smoothly. This is an almost stock version of Android 10, if the press release it so be believed. So you won't find many unnecessary apps or other bloatware on your E7. What you do find is a fingerprint scanner. It's subtly placed inside the Motorola logo on the back.

Moto E7 available

In addition to a 48MP main camera with Quad Pixel technology, there is a second camera on the back. Motorola does not opt for a wide-angle or depth camera but for a macro camera. This allows you to capture sharp pictures of small objects such as flowers, insects or jewellery. Motorola hopes to have the Moto E7 in stores in the coming weeks for a suggested retail price of € 119,99. Available colours are Aqua Blue, Mineral Grey and Satin Coral.

Price comparison Motorola Moto E7
  Model Price Incl. delivery    
Clove   £ 99,98 £ 99,98   View
Chitter Chatter
Aqua Blue
£ 99,99 £ 99,99   View

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