JBL Tune 220TWS

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JBL Tune 220TWS
JBL Tune 220TWS black case
JBL Tune 220TWS black
JBL Tune 220TWS blue
JBL Tune 220TWS color overview
JBL Tune 220TWS pink
JBL Tune 220TWS white

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    JBL Tune 220TWS specification summary

    Weight 56 gr
    EAN code 6925281964404, 6925281964381, 6925281964374, 6925281964367
    Draagwijze hoofdtelefoon Earplug
    Type oorkussen Earbud
    Dirt and waterproof
    Power supply
    Battery 22 mAh, 410 mAh

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    JBL Tune 220TWS
     Current product
    Draagwijze hoofdtelefoonEarplug
    Type oorkussenEarbud
    Dirt and waterproof
    Battery22 mAh, 410 mAh

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