Nokia 225 Dual SIM

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Nokia 225 Dual SIM

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    Nokia 225 Dual SIM product description

    The Nokia 225 Dual SIM is a classically designed Nokia phone without too much fuss. For not a lot of money you too can own a Nokia 225 with Twitter and Facebook.-Low points Nokia 225 Dual SIM* No smartphone, so limited number of apps available

    Festival phone

    Do not be fooled by the simple looking Nokia 225 Dual SIM. Of course, there is no large touchscreen, and no screaming gimmicks. Still, the 225 Dual SIM is a fine phone with modern features and internet capabilities. Nokia has installed its own Xpress Browser, which allows you to use the full internet without consuming too much data. Facebook and Twitter are also available. There is even a 2 megapixel camera on the back. This makes the Nokia 225 Dual SIM perhaps the ideal phone for those who are not looking for a fragile smartphone. The Nokia 225 Dual SIM also suffices as a second phone or festival phone.

    Most important Nokia 225 Dual SIM specifications

    • Dual SIM functionality
    • 2 megapixel camera
    • Relatively small 2.8 inch screen
    • Possibility to insert memory cards yourself

    Dual SIM

    The Nokia 225 Dual SIM has a function that many other, and even more expensive, phones do not have. The possibility of using two SIM cards simultaneously. So, anyone who is currently walking around with two separate phones should pay attention. It is also possible to use a cheap prepaid card with only call minutes and a separate card with only data. You are completely free in this.

    Nokia 225 Dual SIM specification summary

    Dimensions 124 x 55,5 x 10,4 mm
    Weight 100,6 gr
    EAN code 6438409051172, 6438409051165, 6438158667136, 6438158667112, 6438158667105, 6438158663015
    Colour display TFT
    Camera 2 MP
    Front camera
    Dual SIM
    Build-in memory
    Internal memory
    Power supply
    Battery 1200 mAh, user replaceable
    Data network
    4G (LTE)

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    Nokia 225 Dual SIM

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     Current product
    Colour displayTFT
    Camera2 MP
    Front camera
    Dual SIM
    Internal memory
    Battery1200 mAh, user replaceable
    4G (LTE)

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