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OnePlus 9
OnePlus 9 black back
OnePlus 9 blue bottom
OnePlus 9 blue front bottom
OnePlus 9 blue front left side
OnePlus 9 blue left side
OnePlus 9 blue back flipped
OnePlus 9 blue back right side
OnePlus 9 blue back
OnePlus 9 blue right side
OnePlus 9 blue top
OnePlus 9 purple back

Pro and cons OnePlus 9

  • Flat and fluid screen
  • Nice Hasselblad camera
  • Efficient interface
  • Fast as ever
  • The Hasselblad name creates too high expectations

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OnePlus 9 product description

The OnePlus 9 is already the 13th generation 'flagship killer' but this time with a Hasselblad camera. By adding more changes between this and the Pro model, this OnePlus 9 has remained reasonably affordable. What consessions OnePlus had to make for this we will gladly explain here

Camera with the help of Hasselblad

OnePlus wanted to close the gap with the competition once and for all before 2021. It has tried to do that particularly in the camera area. The OnePlus cameras were always good, but they were not the best. OnePlus has enlisted the help of Hasselblad for this. They have calibrated the camera so that they capture more natural colours and shoot wide angle images without distortion. According to OnePlus this should ensure that skin tones are captured more naturally, something smartphones always struggle with. The camera itself, by the way, comes from Sony. The 50MP ultra-wide-angle camera was specially designed and manufactured by OnePlus. The 48MP main camera features a bright f/1.8 lens consisting of 7 elements and finally there is a third camera with a monochrome lens. Optical zooming is therefore not available and the macro lens for extreme close-ups from its predecessor has disappeared.

OnePlus 9 blue front bottom

Same screen, new charging method

The screen on the OnePlus 9 is still a 120Hz fast Fluid Display. This one is nice and big at 6.55 inches, it's flat this time, and thanks to the high refresh rate, it feels fast. Not only does it seem fast, the Android-based OxygenOS 11 is actually fast. Here OnePlus does get the necessary help from the built-in Snapdragon 888 processor. At the time of release, this is Qualcomm's most powerful chipset. The battery is 4500 mAh and can be charged quickly with 65W. A short session of 15 minutes is already enough for a whole day. New this year is that you can also charge the entry-level OnePlus wirelessly. Previously, this was only possible with the Pro model. However, the speed is limited to 'only' 15 Watt

Main OnePlus 9 specifications

  • 6,55-inch Fluid AMOLED display with smooth 120Hz
  • 48+50+2MP Hasselblad camera with ultra-wide-angle and monochrome lens
  • 16MP selfie camera with face unlock
  • Snapdragon 888-processor with 8/128GB or 12/256GB memory
  • 4500 mAh battery with 65W fast charging and 15W wireless charging
  • 5G support for blazing fast mobile internet
  • Stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos sound

Plastic frame

Phones are unfortunately becoming more expensive and to keep the costs as low as possible OnePlus has made some concessions. The screen is flat and the frame is made of plastic. The latter should not be a problem because the front and back are made of sturdy Gorilla Glass. Fortunately, OnePlus has not skimped on the performance and the screen, which are as good as ever. On the camera side, the OnePlus 9 clearly lacks some features compared to the OnePlus 9 Pro. You can not zoom optically and there is no optical image stabilisation. Furthermore, this OP9 lacks an official IP rating for waterproofing.

OnePlus 9 in the news

OnePlus 9 Pro Ishanagarwal24

The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will soon be released in these colours

Rumours ·

In just over a week, OnePlus will announce the OnePlus 9 Series. That much is known. But now we also know in what colours they are expected. And luckily we have images to show as well.

The images below of the OnePlus 9 come from 18-year-old Ishan Agarwal. He posted high resolution images of the colours 'Stellar Black', 'Arctic Sky' and 'Winter Mist'. Ishan further notes that due to the lack of visible antenna bands, the frame of OnePlus 9 will be made of plastic, as previously suggested.

OnePlus 9 colours
The future colours of the OnePlus 9

Also, the OnePlus 9 gets a flat screen, a Snapdragon 888 processor and a 4500 mAh battery with 65W fast charging. The OnePlus 9 Pro differs because of its slightly curved screen and wireless charging capability of up to 50W. The colours of the 9 Pro have a matte finish and are 'Astral Black', 'Morning Mist' and 'Pine Green'.

OnePlus 9 Pro colours
And the future colours of the OnePlus 9 Pro

Apart from the new colours, OnePlus is mainly focussing on the camera with the 9 Series. This was developed together with Hasselblad and has a better colour reproduction without lens distortion. This is made possible by a camera sensor of 48 and 50 MP developed together with Sony. OnePlus will announce the 9 Series on Tuesday, March 23.

Op 9pro Winfuture

Press images OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are in

Rumours ·

With just 2 weeks to go, the official press images of the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are all out in the open. In all fairness; they don't give away much extra information. Especially since OnePlus itself has already revealed a lot about the 9 and 9 Pro.

What is immediately striking looking at the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro is how little they differ from each other. Both devices share each other's design and hardly differ in size either. For example, the OnePlus 9 has a 6.5-inch display with a 6.7-inch screen for the OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus 9 OnePlus 9 Pro
The OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro (not to scale)

Also WinFuture, the OnePlus 9 will come with a flat screen and possibly a frame made of plastic. If the latter is true then the OP9 follows the OnePlus Nord which also features a plastic frame. The 9 Pro however will almost certainly feature a metal frame.

OnePlus 9 Pro rear
OnePlus 9 Pro in all its colours


But looks aren't what it's all about this year. OnePlus wants to focus on the camera instead. That camera was developed together with Hasselblad and that's why we see the name on the rear. The sensor is from Sony but calibrated by Hasselblad. A tweet from founder Pete Lau already showed that the ultra wide-angle camera can shoot without any distortion. This is partly due to the use of FreeForm lenses.

OnePlus 9 rear colours
And the slightly more colourful OnePlus 9

OnePlus 9 launch

The OnePlus 9 Pro will come out in black, silver and green. The black variant may have a rough finish; similar to the Sandstone back of the very first OnePlus phone. The OnePlus 9 is expected to come in glossy black, blue and purple. All prices and missing specifications will be revealed March 23 when OnePlus officially announces both models. That's also when it will become clear if there will be a third simpler model coming out.

OnePlus 9 Hasselblad Video

OnePlus and Hasselblad announce March 23 OnePlus 9 Series

Rumours ·

OnePlus has sent out a video in which it says it will announce the OnePlus 9 on March 23 2021. It is not doing this alone but together with Hasselblad. It was rumoured earlier that Hasselblad would collaborate with OnePlus.

The video, called 'Lunarland', features our very own moon. That's not surprising considering the collaboration with Hasselblad. It was a Hasselblad camera that went along with the first moon landing. The OnePlus 9 won't be getting a Hasselblad camera, however, but the company is collaborating on the camera.

So it's not just a name commitment. OnePlus uses a modified Sony IMX789 sensor for which Hasselblad took care of the calibration. There is also a special Hasselblad Pro Mode where the user can do a lot of settings themselves. This mode can even save images in 12-bit RAW for even more image post processing.

Live stream

OnePlus is streaming the unveiling of the OnePlus 9 on March 23, 2021 at 10:00 AM EDT, 2:00 PM GMT and 7:30 PM IST. It explicitly mentions the OnePlus 9 Series 5G so it's not just about the OnePlus 9 but also more devices. There are rumours of 2 more models being announced; an extensive 9 Pro and an entry-level called '9 Lite' or '9R'.

OnePlus 9 Specs Techmaniacsgr

Specifications released from OnePlus 9: 50MP wide-angle camera

Rumours ·

Techmaniacs says it has obtained specifications of the OnePlus 9. This entry-level model from the 9 series will get a triple camera system consisting of a 50MP camera.

OnePlus has been pushing its cameras for a while now. For next year most of the attention seems to be on the OnePlus 9 Pro with its supposed Hasselblad camera. This OnePlus 9 isn't expected to get help from Hasselblad but instead from a 50MP camera sensor. This is not used as main camera but rather as an ultra-wide angle.

OnePlus 9 screenshot specifications
OnePlus 9 screenshot with specifications
PhoneArena reports that it might be a new sensor that parent company BBK has developed together with Sony. We may also find this Sony IMX766 sensor in the Oppo Find X3 Pro

OnePlus 9 specifications

The primary camera still uses 48MP while the third camera doesn't get more than 2MP. Whether this is a depth camera or macro camera is still unknown. From the screenshot that Techmaniacs has unearthed, we further make out that inside is a Snapdragon 888 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The 6.55 inch screen uses an AMOLED panel with a refresh rate of 120 times per second. So in this area there are no differences from the current OnePlus 8T

Three OnePlus 9 models?

Besides this OnePlus 9, a OnePlus 9 Pro and a third simpler model are expected. The name of which is not yet known. It would be the first time that OnePlus releases a simpler version of its flagship. Last year, OnePlus actually introduced the Nord series as a simpler choice.

OnePlus 9pro Dave2d

Bad news for those hoping for bigger battery OnePlus 9 / 9 Pro

Both reportedly get the same 4500mAh

Rumours ·

According to a new rumour, the upcoming OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will both get the same battery 4500 mAh in size. That is almost the same size as its predecessor and slightly disappointing for those who were expecting more.

Now there's little to complain about 4500mAh but it's strange that the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro get the same capacity. Usually, the more elaborate model comes with a larger battery. The rumour comes from Max Jambor who writes for AllAboutSamsung.

OnePlus 9 Pro Hasselblad
The alleged OnePlus 9 Pro with Hasselblad logo

Max adds to his post that OnePlus still ships a charger with the phone. Apple and Samsung both omit a charger in the box. Earlier, an image leaked of the OnePlus 9 Pro with the Hasselblad logo on the back. This originally Swedish manufacturer of photo cameras is not very well known to the general public, partly because their products are so expensive. Yet everyone knows a picture shot with a Hasselblad camera. NASA took a Hasselblad camera with them during the first moon landing. The crew of Apollo 11 shot the famous Earthrise photo, the rising blue earth in front of a grey lunar landscape, with a Hasselblad.

Collaboration with Hasselblad

Whether you'll also take ikonic photos with the future OnePlus 9 Pro remains to be seen. It is not clear what Hasselblad has added to the 9/9Pro. It is possible that the co-operation is purely marketing in which they just pace their name onto the device. There are more examples where famous lens and/or camera manufacturers have collaborated with phone manufacturers. Leica, Zeiss and Light are some examples.

Images: Dave2D

OnePlus 9 91mobiles

Picture shows OnePlus 9 with one camera less

Rumours ·

A render has appeared of what looks like the OnePlus 9. The device will have almost the same front as the 8T but on the back there are some changes. Most striking one; there is one camera missing.

OnePlus seems to choose the same route as Apple and Samsung. The camera island of the OnePlus 9 is elevated and in the same colour as the rest of the back. Two large camera sensors look at us with a smaller one underneath. On the right we see a LED flash. A triple camera system; probably a main camera, an ultra-wide-angle and a depth camera. The OnePlus 8T had 4: a separate monochrome camera that could only shoot images in black and white.

OnePlus 9

Usually we see manufacturers building further on previous work. OnePlus has always been a little different. Also by announcing a new model every six months. In itself we can miss the monochrome lens if the other sensors make up for its loss. Usually a monochrome lens is used for black and white images, but it can also improve the sharpness of colour images. The same can be achieved with larger sensors. However, zoom is still missing. OnePlus does not seem to want it, not even with the OnePlus 9

OnePlus 9 launch

The source further expects the OnePlus 9 to have a slightly larger display than the OnePlus 8T. That one has a 6.55" screen size, which is quite large in itself. The refresh rate would be 144 Hz, slightly higher than the 120 Hz of the first. Possibly OnePlus provides you with a 5000 mAh battery that can be charged quickly with 65W Warp Charge. If they still manage to instal the Snapdragon 875 processor then it is a true flagship. A possible announcement is expected in March 2021; one month earlier than usual.

OnePlus 8t Hands

OnePlus 9 expected in March 2021, month earlier than usual

Rumours ·

OnePlus has only recently released the 8T but is already working on its successor; the OnePlus 9. Its intended release date seems to have been brought forward, possibly to be more in line with Samsung's release schedule.

OnePlus gained a competitor last year. Samsung's Galaxy S20 FE shares many features and a similar price as the 8T. And if we had to choose between the two, we tend to favour the Samsung. It has slightly more mature software, better camera performance, can be charged wirelessly and has an official waterproof IP rating. So it's time for OnePlus step up its game.

OnePlus 8T hands on
Just out but the successor to the 8T is coming

The rumour now is that OnePlus has brought forward the launch of the OnePlus 9 by one month. Possibly it will be released as early as March 2021. With this, OnePlus is also more in line with Samsung's release schedule which normally announces its new flagships in February. Now the Galaxy S21 is also the rumour that this has been brought forward so OnePlus has an extra reason to bring forward its launch.

OnePlus 9 rumours

There are not a lot of rumours about the OnePlus 9 except for its codename Lemonade. It is quite possible it uses the expected Snapdragon 875 from Qualcomm but that's an easy guess. OnePlus often uses the latest chipset for its flagship. Whether OnePlus will release a Pro variant in 2021 remains to be seen. With the OnePlus 8T generation it skipped a Pro version. Nothing to be worried abou, the 8 Pro still offers advantages over the 8T, especially on camera zoom.


OnePlus 9 specification summary

Dimensions 160 x 74,2 x 8,7 mm
Weight 192 gr
Code name OnePlus Lemonade
EAN code 6921815616887, 6921815616870, 6921815615385, 6921815615378, 6921815615361, 6095604872874, 6090323391392, 5413729238497, 5413729238480
Fingerprint recognition
Operating system
Android 11
Colour display 6.55 inch, Fluid AMOLED, hole-punch display
Camera 2 MP, 48 MP, 50 MP
Front camera 16 MP
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, octa core
Dirt and waterproof
Dual SIM
Data network
4G (LTE)
Build-in memory
Internal memory 128 GB (Storage), 256 GB (Storage)
Memory card slot
Power supply
Battery 4500 mAh
Fast charging
Wireless charging
Audio jack plug

All OnePlus 9 specifications

Videos about the OnePlus 9

No expense was spared to make this video about the OnePlus Nord 2 5G. Where does the device and the idea behind it actually come from? Be amazed and watch this 9 minute video

To capture the colour as true to nature as possible takes a lot of work. What exactly and how Hasselblad helped with the OnePlus 9 Pro can be seen here.

We always find it funny to see what names manufacturers come up with for their colour versions. For this OnePlus 9 Pro, they've come up with the name Morning Mist, and we kind of get why somewhere

It's finally here; the OnePlus 9 Series consisting of the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro! With a bit of OnePlus and a bit of Hasselblad

OnePlus and Hasselblad seem to have found each other completely. That promises something for the OnePlus 9 series!

OnePlus 9 alternatives

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Product images at scale
OnePlus 9
Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G (G986)
Samsung Galaxy S21+ (G996)
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (G990)
Google Pixel 6 Pro (GLUOG)

Photos at scale

 Current product    
Fingerprint recognition
Colour display6.55 inch, Fluid AMOLED, hole-punch display6.7 inch, Infinity-O Display, hole-punch display6.7 inch, Infinity-O Display, hole-punch display6.4 inch, Infinity-O Display, hole-punch display6.7 inch, OLED, hole-punch display
Camera2 MP, 48 MP, 50 MP12 MP, 12 MP, 64 MP12 MP, 12 MP, 64 MP12 MP, 12 MP, 8 MP12 MP, 48 MP, 50 MP
Front camera16 MP10 MP10 MP32 MP11.1 MP
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 888, octa coreOcta core2.4 GHz, 2.8 GHz, 2.9 GHz, Samsung Exynos 2100, octa coreOcta coreGoogle Tensor, octa core
Dirt and waterproof
Dual SIM
4G (LTE)
Internal memory128 GB (Storage), 256 GB (Storage)128 GB (Storage)128 GB (Storage), 256 GB (Storage)128 GB (Storage), 256 GB (Storage)128 GB (Storage), 256 GB (Storage), 512 GB (Storage)
Memory card slot
Battery4500 mAh4500 mAh4800 mAh4500 mAh5003 mAh
Fast charging
Wireless charging
Audio jack plug

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