Nokia 130 (2017) Dual SIM

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Nokia 130 (2017) Dual SIM
Nokia 130 2017 dualsim front grey
Nokia 130 2017 dualsim front red

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Nokia 130 (2017) Dual SIM specification summary

Dimensions 111,5 x 48,4 x 14,2 mm
Code name Nokia Kesa
EAN code 6438409604606
Colour display 1.8 inch, TFT
Camera VGA camera
Front camera
Dual SIM
Build-in memory
Internal memory 8 MB (Storage)
Power supply
Battery 1020 mAh, user replaceable
Data network
4G (LTE)

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Nokia 130 (2017) Dual SIM alternatives

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Nokia 130 (2017) Dual SIM

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 Current product
Colour display1.8 inch, TFT
CameraVGA camera
Front camera
Dual SIM
Internal memory8 MB (Storage)
Battery1020 mAh, user replaceable
4G (LTE)

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