Selection Guide april 2024

Can't choose from the endless supply of mobile phones? Feeling overwhelmed? Keep calm, and let us help you find your next new mobile phone using these simple steps. Click on any category below to help you find your new phone.

Best Buy

Are you looking for a mobile phone for a reasonable price, not too old and with a good user rating? Look no further! NewMobile has handpicked some of the finest mobile phones and smartphones that money can buy.

Google Pixel 7a (GWKK3)

Google Pixel 7a

The Google Pixel 7a is the entry-level model in Google's Pixel line-up this year and is even more enjoyable. This is the first time a Pixel A can be charged wirelessly and features a smooth 90 Hz screen. But there are more improvements. Which ones exactly, and what effect that has on the starting price? You can read it all here. Read more

  • Now with 90Hz screen
  • Wireless charging
  • High performance
  • From the makers of Android
  • Higher starting price
Best High End

Searching for the best, the newest, and most high-end smartphones money can buy? Do you have some cash to spare but don't want to go all out? This list contains the best premium phones just for you.

Best up to £250

Are you looking for an affordable, appealing phone? Are you cost-conscious but don't want to miss out on essential features? Mobile phones of around £250 now generally have an excellent price-performance ratio. The best ones can be found here.

Best Budget

A comprehensive smartphone does not need to be expensive. For less than £100, you can have a mobile phone that has it all. Ideal as a first smartphone for teenagers or someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on a smartphone. Here are our favourites.

Motorola Moto G04

Motorola Moto G04

The Motorola Moto G04 is an affordable Moto phone with a smooth 90Hz screen. The G04 has a modern design and is available in cheerful colours. The HD screen is not as sharp as Full HD, the camera resolution does not exceed 16MP, and charging is not incredibly fast at 15W either. However, the G04 does have all the essential functions. Read more

  • Attractive design
  • Smooth 90Hz screen
  • Long battery life
  • Splash proof
  • Mainly for every-day use