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Google Pixel 3
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Google Pixel 3 product description

The Google Pixel 3 is Google's idea of what a smartphone should be. A minimalist look, pure Android and with an excellent camera. Unfortunately, this all has a high price tag. In this description we are going to find out if that price is justified.

5.5 inch screen; small becomes big

Despite the fact that this Pixel 3 is the smallest model, we still find a large 5.5 inch screen at the front. That is the same size as the very first Pixel XL and thus the proof that phones are getting bigger and bigger. However, due to the removal of most of the screen edges, it is significantly smaller. There is some space above and below the screen, but it is usefully spent. For example, there are forward facing stereo speakers that are 40% louder and brighter compared to last year. The housing is also different. On the back we still find a split but this time we used glass with a glossy and matte coating. For the front, Google prominently chooses Gorilla Glass 5. Strange because Corning recently announced the firmer Gorilla Glass 6.

Google Pixel 3 black overview

Better photos thanks to AI

Despite the fact that the camera of the Pixel 3 has almost the same specifications as the Pixel 2, there are still differences. Google knows this mainly thru improvements on the software side. Google has succeeded in zooming in with a single camera without loss of quality. The Super Res Zoom keeps images sharp with the help of the necessary artificial intelligence. This was previously only possible with a second camera lens. Other new features include Nite Sight, which can brighten images in dark conditions without using the flash, and Top Shot to get the best shot before you even press the shutter button. In addition to these new functions, there will also be improvements to existing functions. For example, you can now set the blur of the background in portraits. Just what you like. On the front we do find a double camera with which the Pixel 3 can shoot group movies.

Main Google Pixel 3 specifications

  • 5.5 inch large Flexible OLED screen with Full HD+ resolution
  • Double 8 megapixel selfie camera with f/2.2 wide-angle lens and f/1.8 standard lens
  • A choice of 64 and 128GB memory
  • Octa-core Snapdragon 845 processor at 2.5GHz with 4GB of RAM memory
  • Gigabit mobile 4G internet
  • 12,2 megapixel rear camera with unique AI functions
  • Water- and dustproof IPX8 housing
  • High integration with Google Assistant with lots of functionality

Hard to justify

Google further equips the Pixel 3 with a Snapdragon 845 processor that hasn't clocked it at the maximum 2.8 GHz but a bit lower at 2.5 GHz. This is possible to save the battery. You won't notice much of it because the Pixel phones are amongst the fastest on the market. That battery can now also be charged wirelessly. Google even made a separate charger; the Pixel Stand. That's a stand and charger in one. But you can also use any other Qi-compatible charger. Google traditionally praises the Pixel series very highly and the question is whether this is justified. Of course you'll get the best camera phone for it. You don't have to do it anymore for the pure Android experience as high-end Android One phones are also available today. And most of the features that are new to this Pixel 3 such as Nite Sight will eventually come to other Pixel phones as well. So consider them also if you plan to buy a Pixel.

Google Pixel 3 specification summary

Dimensions 145,6 x 68,2 x 7,9 mm
Weight 148 gr
Code name Google Blueline
EAN code 0842776110169, 0842776110152, 0842776107848, 0842776107800, 0842776107756, 0842776107695, 0842776107688, 0842776107640, 0842776107633, 0842776107404, 0400063833766, 0400063833759
Fingerprint recognition
Operating system
Android 9.0 (Pie)
Colour display Full HD+ Flexible OLED
Camera 12.2 MP
Dirt and waterproof
Front camera 8 MP
Processor 1.6 GHz, 2.5 GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, octa core
Data network
4G (LTE)
Build-in memory
Internal memory 128 GB (Storage), 64 GB (Storage)
Memory card slot
Power supply
Battery 2915 mAh
Fast charging
Wireless charging
Audio jack plug

All Google Pixel 3 specifications

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Google Pixel 3 alternatives

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Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 5

Photos at scale

 Current product 
Fingerprint recognition
Android9.0 (Pie)11
Colour displayFull HD+ Flexible OLEDOLED, hole-punch display
Camera12.2 MP12.2 MP, 16 MP, dual camera sensor
Dirt and waterproof
Front camera8 MP8 MP
Processor1.6 GHz, 2.5 GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, octa core1.8 GHz, 2.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz, octa core
4G (LTE)
Internal memory128 GB (Storage), 64 GB (Storage)128 GB (Storage)
Memory card slot
Battery2915 mAh4080 mAh
Fast charging
Wireless charging
Audio jack plug

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