RugGear RG850

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RugGear RG850
RugGear RG850 black overview
RugGear RG850 black front flipped
RugGear RG850 black front right side
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RugGear RG850 black back

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    RugGear RG850 product description

    The RugGear RG850 is one of the few truly rugged Android phones that doesn't immediately look like a toughphone. In fact, it looks pretty elegant. That combined with many useful features including a screen that is easy to read outdoors and a long battery life make it a true all-rounder.

    Don't let it fool you

    Believe us when we say that it's pretty hard to find rugged phones with a little modern screen. By this we mean a screen without overly thick screen edges. This RG850 is one of the few truly rugged phones with such an 18:9 screen. That not only makes it modern, a little extra screen is also very handy. The size comes out at 6 inches and this is protected by Gorilla Glass that doesn't fall apart right away. The thickness of the RG850 comes out at 11.5 millimetres which is not immediately very thick. And yet the housing protects you against drops, impacts, water, dust and high temperatures.

    RugGear RG850 black overview

    Besides robust also just an Android smartphone

    The RugGear RG850 is a smartphone running Android. That means you can instal apps including the popular WhatsApp, Facebook or Google Maps. You can put 2 SIM cards in it simultaneously (2x nanosim) so you can be reached on 2 numbers. Handy for those who used to go out with 2 separate phones. The battery has a solid capacity of 4000 mAh. This means that the RG850 has a long battery life. Handy if you are on the road for a long time. Unfortunately there is no fast charging, so take some time to refuel. Charging can be done via the handy USB-C. This cable has no top or bottom so you can't plug it in the wrong way. Photos can be taken with the 12 MP camera with autofocus. The selfie camera has a resolution of 8 MP and is sharp enough for simple self-portraits.

    Main RugGear RG850 specifications

    • 5.99 inch HD+ screen with Gorilla Glass protection
    • Robust IP68 housing is waterproof (1.2 metres for 30 minutes) and drop resistant (1.5 metres)
    • Hybrid Dual SIM support (2x nanosim card or 1x nanosim card + memory card)
    • 32GB storage memory, expandable with up to 128GB
    • Snapdragon 430 processor with 3GB of RAM memory
    • 4000 mAh large battery but without fast charge function

    The fine print

    After reading this storey we would almost run straight to the shop ourselves to buy a RG850. Now we wouldn't advise against that because there are also some drawbacks. For example, the screen resolution of HD+ is not very high. Especially text will suffer from this. It can seem a bit grainy. Also, the processor, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430, is not very powerful. Here and there some hiccups the RG850 is not strange. Furthermore, the storage memory of 32GB is not very much. Fortunately, you can easily expand this to a maximum of 128GB by inserting a memory card. You do lose the possibility to use a 2nd SIM card.

    RugGear RG850 specification summary

    Dimensions 165 x 82 x 12,55 mm
    Weight 210 gr
    EAN code 6954561705260
    Operating system
    Android 8.1
    Colour display TFT
    Camera 12 MP
    Dirt and waterproof
    Front camera 8 MP
    Processor 1.4 GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 430, octa core
    Rugged casing
    Dual SIM
    Data network
    4G (LTE)
    Build-in memory
    Internal memory 32 GB (Storage)
    Power supply
    Battery 4000 mAh

    All RugGear RG850 specifications

    Video about the RugGear RG850

    The RugGear RG850 is not a phone that likes to sit at home. Take it on an adventure!

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    RugGear RG850

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     Current product
    Colour displayTFT
    Camera12 MP
    Dirt and waterproof
    Front camera8 MP
    Processor1.4 GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 430, octa core
    Rugged casing
    Dual SIM
    4G (LTE)
    Internal memory32 GB (Storage)
    Battery4000 mAh

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